Sonia Monroy – Famous Spaniard Singer Biography

Sonia was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, along with six siblings and would later follow her parents footsteps into the entertainment industry. She is the daughter of Virtudes Casals (actress) and Perfect Monroy (actor and opera singer).
In the famous theater “Liceu” in Barcelona, where her father was performing a play, she started taking her first steps as an actress at the age of four with the opera Madame Butterfly doing the role of the Geisha’s son.
She took acting and singing classes at Conservatory of the Liceo with the famous teacher Ms.Vilanova. She also took ballet classes at the Academy Ballet Magriña.
In 1984 she became a member of his brothers’ band called “Monroy’s”, touring in towns where she performed singing and dancing at the age of 12. Talent runs in her family.

In the early 90s, she began appearing in television as an actress in a comedy TV show called “Força Barça”

In 1998 famous Spaniard producer José Luis Moreno gave her an opportunity and hired her as an actress and singer for his musical TV series ”Maravillas Diez Y Pico”.

She had reached her goal of becoming world-famous not just in her chosen field of singing but also as an actress.

In 2003 she created her band “SEX BOMB” obtaining wide success with the album “ VEN” and her song “VEN VEN VEN” which would become one of the biggest hits and would propel the album to multi-million-unit sales, achieving a GOLD record status. Afterwards, she would break out on her own, releasing a solo debut track titled “SALVAJE”, that would also be a huge hit for her and as a result, would be included in the now famous CD compilation album CARIBE MIX 2011, a compilation of some of the most famous singers in the world.
In 2013 Sonia change her musical style and surprised everyone with her Cumbia Song “Sacalo de mi pensamiento” and her video clip was a record trending topic in Twitter

In 2011 she participated in the scary movie named SERIE-B directed by Richard Vogue.
In 2014 she was a candidate to be nominated for the GOYA’S awards as best actress.( Goya’s Awards is like the Oscar’s Awards in the Latin world)
Since then she has constantly worked in television and featured films such as “Torrente 4” directed by the famous actor and director Santiago Segura.

In 2013 Sonia decided to move to Los Angeles where she produces her own reality TV show “Sonia In Hollywood” which landed her the opportunity to attend The Oscar’s Awards 2013.

Sonia is currently starring in the featured film “Less than a whisper” by famous American horror director Francis Xavier from Metropolis Pictures Entertainment.

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